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Let me make this perfectly clear... Names, ages, genders, relationships, locations, hospitals... All fake. Totally and completely fake. Any similarity to any event that's ever taken place in the history of man is purely coincidence. My thoughts, beliefs, etc. are my own and may or may not be the thoughts, beliefs, etc., of my employer, my school, or anyone I know. In fact, they're probably not. Basically, it never happened.

السلام عليكم

peace, poetry, & pot .

looking in the wrong place

fall flow. 🍂🍃🌾 (at Kathy Kuo Home)

fall flow. 🍂🍃🌾 (at Kathy Kuo Home)



    holy shit, autostraddle. kilt it. brought us back to (love) life.







      "Where is your trunk, human?" [x]

      Cutest elephants ever.

      hi how are you! my name is Lelophent *tries to shake, feels around awkwardly, finds nose* oh… your trunk is kinda small… hm… well momma said everyone is different and special… nice to meet you “shakes stubby human trunk*


      alysa this is for you

      abluesforbrklyn *squeeeee*




        still hiding my hair under a beanie.

        'its not so bad if the sweats have flowers on them, is it?'

        i have done nothing all day. i have a lot to do today.

        too many words bouncing around inside for me to focus.

        too many thoughts bouncing around for me to feel.

        at least my face is nice?

          "I find myself
          reading between the lines
          of every poem you write
          because the only time
          you ever thought of me
          was somewhere
          in the middle of,
          ‘Did I lock the door?’
          and, ‘Are the lights off?’
          You see, you taught me
          that I was trapped
          inbetween afterthoughts
          so I’m straining
          to catch notations
          in the margins
          because I cannot
          find any part of me
          in your poems"
          and I can’t even read your handwritings anymore — The Whiskey Writer (via the-whiskey-writer)
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            But you out of everyone I’ve ever loved were the only one who was deserving of it, yet you were the one too afraid to hold it between your hands and I want to tell you that I am both angry and sad that you didn’t think you loved me like I deserved because we both know, you loved me as best as you could and it was enough.

            Wait, don’t say a word. Save it. I don’t want to hear it. Don’t apologize for not being better for me, don’t tell me that the timing was wrong, don’t tell me that if we were meant to be together we would be, because the truth is, you should’ve already learned that nothing worth having comes easy. You should’ve fought for love, like a burning house, like you knew the scars you’d end up with would be worth it.

            You’re a coward, you deserved me. You took three steps forward and ten steps back and decided that I was too kind for you, too soft spoken, said my heart was in the right place, said yours never had been. I know you were scared, it shook you to think that you could love anything, shook you to think that I could be the one who wrecked you.

            I’m ready to forgive you, but forgetting takes much longer time, that love was meant to stay.

            — Fuck you for being scared // thewordsyouneverunderstood (via thewordsyouneverunderstood)
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              "The race card. You’re so worried about it. I’m worried about how it got in the deck."
              —Paul Mooney (via jawnsbejawnin)
                "You can keep fuckin that dog if you want to, just don’t expect me to take care of the puppies."

                Said to a person who won’t let a toxic person go. African American Proverb (via blkproverbs)

                I’ve never heard this in life.

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                This don’t sound nothing like a blk person would say. We don’t fuck dogs

                (via bulma-esque)

                Never in my Black ass life have I heard this. 

                Sounds like somebody submitted something anonymously and blkproverbs wasn’t paying too close attention. 

                (via tashabilities) This is a mess!!! (via kreyolcoco)

                i don’t know.

                my dad is from baltimore and they say some ridiculous shit.

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                    not as pretty as i had planned, but at least my scarf is warm.

                    ain’t nobody tryna hear that, tho. you know you summatime fine, Bear. pffft.


                      Stone Art Galley | O-office Architects | Via 

                      Also Batman

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                          how i deal with my feelings

                          • never talk about them
                          • barely acknowledge them
                          • hope they go away
                          • i don’t, basically
                          • that’s what i’m saying
                          • i do not deal with my feelings

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                            "Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go."
                            —Mooji (via sylphism)


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                              Tonight in Ferguson, Mo. Even CNN is calling out police brutality.

                              We are watching history unfold. Do not stand down. Spread the word.

                              No justice, no peace.

                              The sheer bravery of the protesters is astonishing