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Let me make this perfectly clear... Names, ages, genders, relationships, locations, hospitals... All fake. Totally and completely fake. Any similarity to any event that's ever taken place in the history of man is purely coincidence. My thoughts, beliefs, etc. are my own and may or may not be the thoughts, beliefs, etc., of my employer, my school, or anyone I know. In fact, they're probably not. Basically, it never happened.

السلام عليكم

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monday’s at the office

monday’s at the office

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      Bitter Poem - Cold War Kids

      "People today don’t even know who Jesse Owens was. They don’t have no idea what happened in 1936 [at the Olympics in Berlin]. That’s what’s scary, because our history is being lost. The world should recognize how Owens transcended race. His life was so remarkable. And he came up during the time of no drugs, no steroids, none of that, yet his record [winning four gold medals in track and field in a single Olympics] stood all the way till Carl Lewis [who matched the performance at the 1984 Games]. He really put the U.S. in the forefront of the world for taking down the German empire. It’s funny, because when he got back to the United States after winning those four gold medals, there was a ticker-tape parade to the Waldorf-Astoria—and would you believe, they wouldn’t let him in the front door? He had to go in the service elevator. It’s very epic, very beautiful to play him and introduce him to a new generation."

      Anthony Mackie, in an interview with Interview Magazine

      The rest of the interview focuses more on Mackie’s role as Tupac Shakur in the upcoming Notorious, but his comments on Jesse Owens are spot-on. You can learn more about Owens and why he’s so important at the website run by the Jesse Owens Trust.

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              "Know that I loved you. Know that it was not enough."
              —Leigh Bardugo, Ruin and Rising (via larmoyante)
                "It was only 1 am and my insecurities 
                were showing again.
                I was trying to tuck them away with every word that I spoke but somehow they kept sticking out around the edges. 
                I would wipe my hair out of my eyes and a little would fall out, 
                I would kiss you and there was a little bit more hanging on the corner of my lips.
                You see the thing about love is it threatens these insecurities, 
                it fabricates them and they begin to  believe that they are beautiful just because you’ve found someone who kisses them to sleep,
                and for every tuck I make you pull on them begging them to unravel right before your eyes. 
                How unfair it is of you to take this war zone and offer your hands and heart as a peace treaty.  
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                      People that use their sign as an excuse for being an asshole are the worst.




                        Teenagers who think they’re grown ass adults annoy me. Like sweetie, we’re not on the same level. Please download a GPS app on your iPhone that helps you find your chill.

                        Download gps lord have mercy

                        I’m just saying


                          Why do I care? I care because you’re worth it. Not because you owe me something. Not because I want something. 

                          One day, someone cared about me when they didn’t have to. And they helped me when they could have easily turned me away. I’m better and stronger for it. 

                          It’s a trip when someone loves you, but doesn’t love you in a way that fills you up, so you scrounge up what you can get from them and cobble together the love you can. 


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                              IM SCREAMING WHO DID THIS

                              *gets life*